Planting Seeds

I need to think about the seeds that I am planting in my life, and make sure that they are seeds that I want to nuture and grow.

Seeds I want to plant:

1) Going to grad school for the fall in library science, and then possibly onto seminary.

2) Becoming more organized, and content to living with less.

3) Becoming more helpful to people, especially my family.

4) Becoming more open to people, and deepening/renewing current relationships/gaining friendships with people.

5) Finding a volunteer position that I love, helps the people it is designed to serve, and makes me happy.

6) Not being so hard on myself when I do not meet my exacting standards. I am my own worst critic! I need to learn to nuture myself, especially during times of stress.

And above all, deepenĀ  my faith in God….