Common Prayer

So, it looks like I have a new obsession er, hobby: collecting copies of the different editions, and versions/spinoffs of the Book of Common Prayer. So far in my collection, I have the following:
-The 1979 Book of Common Prayer, hardcover in black
-The 1979 Book of Common Prayer, hardcover in Red
-The 1979 Book of Common Prayer, soft bound in red leather,chapel sized
-The Book of Common Prayer and The Hymnal of the Protestant Episcopal Church of America, published by Seabury Press, 1952
-A New Zealand Prayer Book
-The Anglican Service Book
-Our Prayers and Praise: The Order for Daily Morning Prayer and the Order for the Administration of the Lord’s Supper or Holy Communion, designed for children

-The Book of Common Prayer from The New York Bible and Common Prayer Book Society, published 1868, inscribed Ross Perkins, from Mama April 17th, 1890. (The prize of my collection, but very delicate, and I handle it with kid gloves. I found it in a used bookstore for $4!)

Also in my collection, though not directly related to the BCP, are The 1982 Hymnal, which I found at the Salvation Army for forty cents,  The Lutheran Hymnal, and The Monastic Diurnal Revised, published by the Community of Saint Mary’s Eastern Province. I also have the Saint Augustine’s Prayer Book, whose Night Litany I find beautiful, but I always say some form of Compline as well.

So what is the point of me rattling off my prayer book collection? It’s because, as silly as it sounds, I have been having a problem with staying consistent with my prayer life. With all of the options, I am having trouble choosing a prayer book! Like everything else in my life, I need consistency. Everything has been so haphazard lately that something that is constant would be a good anchor, so to speak.