Glory to God

“Glory when we are stripped of every hope. Glory in our striving all our life and dying distant of our dreams. Glory in the darkest night. Glory in the cave beneath the steepest mountain on earth. And when we think that even God has died, glory in the faith that cries: I will go on.”
Christin Lore Weber, Circle of Mysteries: The Woman’s Rosary Book. pg. 189

This quote is relevant to me in many ways. Even though I have fallen short in many ways, in all aspects of my life, some small part of me refuses to give up, well, just being me. And my faith will go on. Even though the night is dark, the dawn will surely come, and light will break through.


Faith In Seeds

“Though I do not believe
that a plant will spring up
where no seed has been,
I have great faith in a seed.
Convince me that you have a seed there,
and I am prepared to expect wonders.
–Henry David Thoreau